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Grey pebble bowls and platters

Grey pebble bowls and platters


These stunning vessels are made from recycled cardboard boxes mulched into a thick pulp with white wood glue and vegetable dye and hand formed in plaster molds. Designed by Nelson Sepulveda and handmade for us by Japanese paper master Wataru Sakuma the beauty of these is beyond words as are the colours and textures...

Available in 4 sizes in black, charcoal and taupe

Tall bowl: 12" x 10" x h3" (32 x 27 x h8 cm). Low bowl: 12" x 10" x h2" (32 x 27 x h5 cm). Large platter: 10" x 8" x h1" (25 x 20 x h2.5 cm). Small platter: 7.5" x 6" x h1" (19 x 15 x h2 cm)