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a beautifully curated monochrome home collection

About Us

paul & sophie

HomeStories is a highly regarded lifestyle and interior design company that opened its doors on June 2014 in Brooklyn Heights, New York. European founders Paul & Sophie Yanacopoulos-Gross have a combined 30 years of international experience in contemporary design, interiors and retail. Together they bring their refined taste to the United States to expand their vision of quality, simplicity, and authenticity.

Seeking objects to complement their furniture collections, Paul & Sophie have been led on a global journey of discovery. Friends of world renown stylists and designers, Homestories is part of a new language of the interiors. 

Focusing on texture, color and form, each item in their collection breathes a life of its own and reflects the poetry of the maker’s process. Every piece is unique, hand-crafted and represents the time worn quality of an heirloom. In considering how this extremely tactile and soulful experience could be translated online, Sophie decided to gather their products by families of monochromatic hues and vibrations. Then each item was expertly and lovingly photographed by Paul himself, creating intimate still-lives yearning to be touched.

We invite you to explore and linger on our site and hope your experience online is almost as exciting as shopping in our Brooklyn store. 

our online store team

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by a rich community of creative talent who support our vision and have come together to build this e-commerce experience. Thanks to them we are able to offer the high level of quality online that we are known for in our Brooklyn store. Like a family, we share in our love for all things design, beauty and poetry (along with little debates and lots of laughs!).

Sophie Yanacopoulos-Gross Co-Founder, creative direction & product curating

Paul Yanacopoulos-Gross Co-Founder, product curating & photography

Tione Trice Store Manager + business development

Carolyn Veith Krienke Art direction, editing & design 

Steve Chester Interactive & website development 

Pascal Perich Photography

About us group photoFrom left to right: Pascal Perich, Sophie Yanacopoulos-Gross, Steve Chester, Carolyn Veith Krienke, and Paul Yanacopoulos-Gross