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Recycled organic beauties

Posted by paul yanacopoulos-gross on

These stunning vessels are made from recycled cardboard boxes mulched into a thick pulp with white wood glue and vegetable dye and hand formed in plaster molds. Designed by Nelson Sepulveda and handmade for us by Japanese paper master Wataru Sakuma the beauty of these is beyond words as are the colours and textures... the collection of 4 essential bowls and platters is now available in black, charcoal and taupe!! On another note: I’ve been commenting on the difficulties of running a brick and mortar store and was thinking what better way to respond than to offer gorgeously tactile and sculptural products made from the derivatives of online business. 

In 2012 78 million tons of carton waste was generated by the ecommerce industry in the US alone of which only 30% was recycled. So not only are these beautiful, useful but also eco friendly..

photo by Pascal Perich