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Fall Stories: Starring our Chaise Nicolle!

Posted by paul yanacopoulos-gross on

Dear Friends,
As Halloween beckons, and the ghosts and ghouls prepare their ghastly outings, HomeStories is delighted to share some fall warmth and poetry with you.

We invite you to discover the CHAISE NICOLLE, a wonderful French industrial chair, designed initially for factory use in 1933 by metallurgist Pierre-André Nicolle.

The CHAISE NICOLLE was born into a time of industrial greatness and innovation. France lived an industrial heyday in the period between the 2 great wars. Pioneers in design and engineering, art and architecture, used new materials and technologies pushing the boundaries to create for an optimistic and enthusiastic clientele. 

Formed, riveted and spot welded sheet metal offered new sculptural and structural possibilities. Self-supporting forms removed the need for armatures, freeing up the designs and leading to remarkable innovation in both automotive and aeronautical applications. Citroen pioneered the unibody or monocoque shell, Voisin, Delahaye and Delage experimented with aerodynamic and sculptural form producing the most innovative cars.

Sheet metal was not just the preserve of heavy industry. Designers such as Jean Prouvé, Xavier Pauchard and Robert Mallet-Stevens permitted it’s use for the home, designing innovative furniture and lighting. 

Sadly the second world war grounded this innovation and brought experimentation to a halt. In the after-war years, factories fell into disrepair and many products were abandoned.

In 2008 the CHAISE NICOLLE factory machinery was discovered and restored. The chair was reborn!

Today the chair is available with and without backs in 3 standard heights of 18”, 24” and 30”. Made from pressed and spot welded steel and available in 5 standard finishes: natural steel, blackened steel, lacquered steel in white, gray and black. Other colors available to order. 

Delivery times are 4 weeks. (Check out their website here)

We welcome you to stop by our Brooklyn store or online to discover these metallic stories!

In friendship,
Paul, Sophie & Tione