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Bridging the divide

Posted by paul yanacopoulos-gross on

This image incapsulates many stories.

The story of the Amazonian tribespeople that are no more. Killed off by occidental, corporate greed and disease as industrial needs for more palm oil and soya bean reduce the Forrest floor, forcefully removing all inhabitants... The makers of these most beautiful baskets had no contact with western 'civilisation' . Their baskets made for their own use, for transporting and storing the fruits and vegetables collected in the jungle. Crafted from vine they are woven into light and resistant geodesic dome structures that are incredibly strong.

The story of these vintage Chinese peasant work tables from the 19th century. Hewn from solid elm and standing the test of time and intense labour as their surfaces gently erode!

The story of the gap and connection between these two apparently opposite stories. The desire to connect the divide and unify through beauty and poetry.....